Reaching out to potential customers. Convincing them to use your product. Signing your first recurring revenue deal.
Infrastructure tools. Application layer. Relevance during AI gold rush.
Building a deck. Ordering the slides. Key points to highlight.
What is MLOps. What does the role look like. What you need to know to get a job in this field.
What the buyer expects in enterprise SaaS. What you need to show. How to structure the conversation.
What you need to know. How to build up your profile. How to prepare for interviews..
Crafting a compelling story and building a fundraising deck
Understand how VCs evaluate early stage AI startups. How to design your business as a founder. How to evaluate your own readiness.
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What are the needs of a startup. What SaaS products can fulfill those needs. What architecture should you use.
Types of AI roles. What does each role entail. Career path for each role.
Types of data you'll work with. Responsibilities of each role. Job titles within each type of role.