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Infinite Curiosity is a weekly newsletter that explores the intersection of Artificial Intelligence and startups. With every post you read, you’ll become more knowledgeable about how Machine Learning products are built in the real world. You can learn more about me here.

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I’ve published 13 books on Machine Learning and built products used by millions of people. My goal is to make it easy for everyone to understand how AI companies are built.

How does it all fit together? Here’s my viewpoint:

AI is the goal
ML is a vehicle to get there
DATA is the fuel for that vehicle

Infinite ML podcast: A podcast where I interview world-class founders, practitioners, and investors in the field of AI.

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Intersection of Artificial Intelligence and Startups


Author of 13 books on Machine Learning. Founder of Plutoshift. Host of the Infinite ML podcast. You can visit https://prateekj.com to learn more about me.